Steam Mops Are Perfect For Families

Steam Mops Are Perfect For Families

More and more families are turning away conventional cleaning methods that require loads of cleaners and other harmful cleaning products. This is because these families are beginning to realize that maybe it isn’t such a great idea to have all of these chemicals around our children and pets. They are beginning to see that if they want to safeguard the health and well-being of their families, then they are going to have to use an alternative method for cleaning their floors, carpets and appliances. And what is the alternative method these families end up using? Quite simply, it’s a steam mop.

The best steam mops are the perfect tools for cleaning a home, particularly one with small children and pets. That’s because these mops never need any of those harsh chemicals to get household surfaces. It just uses the power of steam. And since it uses high heat steam, it also means that it is sanitizing the floor as it cleans it.

Steam mops not only neutralize dirt, bacteria and viruses without using chemicals, but they can also help eliminate allergens. These devices can pick up allergens that conventional mops leave behind. Just another reason why you should be using a steam mop around your home.

Another reason these mops are perfect for the family is because they save a whole lot of time. They do the work in half the time of conventional methods and don’t require constant trips to the store to buy cleaning products for them. This gives families more time to do the things that are really important. Things like going to school or work, running errands, doing the grocery shopping and enjoying some quality time with your family.

The last reason steam mops are perfect for your home is because it is economical to use. After you have checked out steam mop reviews and purchased one, then this cleaning device is practicality cost free. All it requires is a little bit of electricity and water. And on occasion, steam mop pads (which just happen to be very low cost).

Which brings me to my point. Steam mops are perfect for families. These devices clean better, have less of an environmental impact and are safe to use on areas where children and pets congregate. They are just about the perfect tool for any household. Why not buy one for yourself and see what it can do? I bet that you’ll be as pleased as I was when I bought my first steam mop. I don’t know what I would do without my steam mop and I hope that I never find out. My handy little mop has allowed me to design the kind of family life that I always dreamed of having.

A Buying Guide To Steam Mops

A Buying Guide To Steam Mops

One complaint that I have heard from people considering buying a steam mop is that sometimes all of the specs and features that can be found in steam mop reviews are confusing. It seems like there is a myriad of options as far as options, price and style is concerned. Which can make it hard for even the most savvy consumer to decide exactly what they need. If that is the case for you, then you need not worry. Today, I am going to show you a few things you need to know about steam mops so you can make an educated purchase.


The first thing you need to figure out before you purchase a steam mop is what you intend to use it for. Some units are designed to be used only on floors, while other units have a few more options. If you only intend on doing floors with your mop, then you have cut your options in half. Simply put, if you don’t need a ton of features, then you are probably better off buying just a standard floor model steam mop.

You should also consider the size of the head when you are looking for a steam mop to purchase. You want the right size mop head for the job you intend to use it for. If you buy a mop with a small head, then you need to realize that it will take you longer to do a larger section of floor. On the other hand, if you buy a steam mop with an over-sized head, then it will take less work to finish a large floor area but it will be harder for you to fit it into small corners or crevices. So you have to make sure that you weigh work load versus maneuverability.

Consider Stains

If you always seem to end up with a lot of tough stains on your floor, then you might want to consider buying a steam mop with a feature called variable steam control. Variable steam control is usually a trigger that allows you to crank up the steam over really tough stains. This allows you to clean your floor on a lower setting and tackle stains with a higher setting. It’s an invaluable feature to have and is usually found on the best steam mops.


Another thing you’ll want to consider is the steam mop’s power cord length.  The standard length of the power cord on most steam mops is usually between 15 to 30 feet. You’ll want to purchase one with at least 25 feet long to give you the range that you need to be able to mop your entire floor.

Even better, there are now units that are rechargeable. This is a great option for most people because it allows them to do the entire floor without having to worry about the location of their outlets.

If you consider these 3 options while you are buying your steam cleaner, then you will more than likely end up with a unit that will give you years of trusty service.

Using Your Steam Mop On Ceramic

Using Your Steam Mop On Ceramic

Those of you who have a steam mop but aren’t using it on your ceramic floors might want to break it out today. And for those of you with ceramic floors who don’t own a steam mop, well you might want to check out steam cleaner reviews and buy one. That’s because I am going to show you all of the steps required to clean your ceramic floors quickly and easily. This is a lesson in steam mopping that you aren’t going to want to miss.

What few people realize is that steam mops are perfect for cleaning this type of flooring. Not only can its high heat steam lift dirt and grime from the floor, but is can also remove harsh chemicals left over from previous cleanings. And it can also sanitize the floor at the same time. Sounds like a good deal to me. Especially for those of you who have small children or people living in your household that are sensitive to chemicals and allergens.

Of course, steam mops aren’t just for ceramic floors, but they sure act like they were designed for this purpose. I don’t know any other device that can clean ceramic better than a steam mop. And if you don’t believe me, then all you have to do is try it out by following these very simple steps:

Prepare Your Ceramic Flooring

First, you are going to want to make sure that you remove all of the dust, dirt and loose debris from your floor. You can do this either with your vacuum or with a broom and dust pan. Just be sure that all loose pieces are picked up. Pay particular attention to the corners where there may be an accumulation of cobwebs.

Prepare Your Steam Mop

The next thing you are going to want to do is to get your steam mop ready for action. Make sure that is has water in it and attach a clean pad to the end of it. Be sure that when you fill the unit with water that you don’t use tap water but use distilled water instead. That’s because tap water may have mineral deposits in it that can streak your ceramic floor, or even worse, cause damage to your steam mop. Also be sure that you don’t add anything to your steam mop but water. Cleaning chemicals aren’t needed, and in fact, they may be counterproductive to cleaning because they may leave a residue. Plug your steam mop into the nearest outlet and you are ready to clean.

Start Steam Mopping!

Now all that has to be done is to take you best steam mop and give the floor a good cleaning. To make things a bit easier, you might want to divide the floor into small sections and clean the sections one at a time. This not only allows you to get a better clean, but also helps you spot any areas that you might have missed quicker. Your ceramic floor is now clean and ready to be used.

Using A Steam Mop On Wallpaper

Using A Steam Mop On Wallpaper

Everyone knows by now that steam mops are the perfect tool for cleaning floors. They not only pick up even the toughest dirt but they sanitize the floor as well. What most people don’t know about these little machines however, is that they can be used for a variety of different tasks. And one of those tasks is removing wall paper from your wall.

Yes, that’s right. Your trusty steam mop is the perfect tool for removing wallpaper. Don’t worry if you didn’t know this fact. It isn’t exactly common knowledge. In fact, there isn’t even that many steam mop reviews that extol this particular fact. Today, that is going to be my job.

However, I am not just here to give praise to the steam mop for turning a task of undeniable drudgery into something that quick and easy. I am also going to show you just exactly how to do it. So if you want to know how to remove wallpaper from your walls using your trusty steam mop, then please continue reading.


Since removing wallpaper requires a lot of reaching and stretching—unless you have extremely short walls that is—then you are going to need the best steam mop for the job. You won’t want to use one of the bigger steam mops for removing wallpaper and that’s for sure. So make sure that you use one with a lighter weight, such as a pocket mop.

Once you have acquired the correct steam mop, then be sure to fill it with water and then place it on the scrub setting. It’s as simple as that. You are now ready to begin removing your wallpaper.

Removing Wallpaper

Make sure that while you are removing wallpaper, you divide your wall into small sections to be worked on. This is because it is not only easier to do it in this fashion, but also because the moisture and the heat will still be fresh when you peel the paper. Apply steam to a small section, and then strip the wallpaper off. Continue until the entire wall has been done.

Clean Up

The best part about using your steam mop for removing wallpaper is that it can not only be used for peeling the paper, but it can also be used to clean up the mess. Just fire up your steam mop and you can clean residual glue off your wall effortlessly. You’ll still have to dispose of the discarded wallpaper by hand, but that is the easy part.

Congratulations! You have just used your steam mop in an innovative way and you have turned one of the hardest jobs in the world into something that is almost a pleasure to do.

Steam Mops Are Perfect For Cleaning Grease

Steam Mops Are Perfect For Cleaning Grease

You probably consider your kitchen to be the hub of your household. It is not only where you keep your food and cook it, but it is often a place where members of the family spend time talking or socializing. Therefore, it is probably your top priority to keep it as clean as possible. Unfortunately, the fact that you spend so much time cooking and socializing in this room usually means that the floor is covered in quite a bit of grease and grime. In the past, that would mean spending countless hours scrubbing the grease off of your floors, counter tops and appliances.  A process that just isn’t time consuming but also back breaking as well.

However, times have changed. Now you no longer have to spend so much time and work removing grease from your kitchen surfaces. That’s because your best steam mop can handle the job for you. It will not only make it easier to remove grease from your kitchen surfaces, but it will also make it a whole lot easier. Just follow the tips below and before you know it, all of the grease from this room will be gone like magic.

Step One: Setting Up

Be sure that your steam mop is in good working order. Make sure that it is filled with distilled water (you should never use tap water in your steam mop) and there isn’t any limescale deposits on it. If there is, then be sure to thoroughly clean your steam mop and place a new pad on it before you begin.

If you don’t happen to own a steam mop, then now is a good time to look through some steam mop reviews and find a model that fits your needs. The price of steam mops are at a historic low and there are some really good deals available for these units,

Step Two: The Pre-Treatment

Before you actually steam mop your greasy surfaces, then you might want to make sure that you pre-treat the area first. You can do this by mixing together equal parts of bicarbonate soda and vinegar together and then applying it evenly over the floor. Once you have it applied, you should leave it on the floor for approximately a half hour. Then take a scrub brush and loosen it slightly. When that is done, you can then proceed on cleaning the greasy surface.

Step Three: Removing The Grease

Now you can begin steam mopping. What you might want to do is to divide your surface into imaginary sections and concentrate on cleaning those sections one at a time. This will make is easier to remember where you’re at in the cleaning process and will prevent you from missing any areas.

That is all there is to getting the grease off of most kitchen surfaces. Using your steam mop requires very little elbow grease and will ensure that the center of your home remains looking its best.

Top Steam Mop Tips


I think it is safe to say that most people either own a steam mop or knows someone who owns a steam mop nowadays. It seems like they are everywhere. You can see them in grocery stores, on the Internet and in about half of the infomercials on television these days. They are literally everywhere.

However, it doesn’t matter how much exposure these amazing little devices get if people don’t take the time to learn about them and use them correctly. Even the best steam mop in the world won’t perform well if it isn’t used in the correct manner. Which is why I have decided to write this article here today.

I want everyone to get the full potential out of their steam mop. It doesn’t matter if it is one they’ve owned for a while or one that they’ve recently purchased. I want everyone to learn how to maximize the power of these steam mops and use them in the most efficient manner. With that being said, let me present to you some tips that will maximize the potential of your steam mop and allow it to perform in the manner suggested by many of the steam mop reviews on the Internet today.

Tip #1

When setting up your steam mop, you should never plug it into an electrical outlet before you have attached the head to the unit. If you plug it in before you attach the head, then you are likely to burn yourself and may even damage the steam mop.

Tip #2

Always sweep the floor thoroughly before attempting to steam mop it. This is not only so you can make contact with the floor—and not the loose dirt on top of the floor—but also so you don’t damage your steam mop or floor during the cleaning process.

Tip #3

Make sure that you only use distilled water in your steam mop. Don’t use tap water—which can cause scale to develop in your mop—and don’t add any chemical cleaning products to your mop. They don’t need it and the addition of chemicals to the steam mop may actually cause damage to it.

Tip #4

Make sure that you thoroughly clean up your steam mop after it has done its job. Be sure to remove and clean the mop head, remove any extra water that may be left over in the tank and unplug it. That way, it will be ready for your next cleaning project.

Tip #5

Make sure that you properly maintain your steam mop on a regular basis. Every so often, you will want to completely replace the cleaning pads and check the unit for scale buildup. If you do find scale buildup in your unit, be sure to clean it up using a method approved by the manufacturer.

If you follow all of the above tips, then your steam mop will not only perform a better job but it will last a whole lot longer. As you can see, a little forethought and preparation goes a long way to maximizing the potential of your steam mop.

Steam Mop On Tile

Steam Mop On Tile

You probably installed a tile floor because you were looking for something that was durable and require very little maintenance. You knew that tile floors were a great choice because they weren’t affected by heat and water like other types of flooring. Tile floors are also pretty easy to keep clean. However, keeping the grout looking like new is another matter altogether. It doesn’t have to be though. All you need to do is check steam mop reviews and buy one that fits your needs. A steam mop is one of the best tools you can use to not only keep your tiles looking clean, but it can also be used to clean the grout between the tiles. Today, I am going to show you how.


Getting ready to clean your tile floors with a steam mop is a pretty simple proposition because these types of floor are resistant to moisture. All you have to do is take your broom and dustpan, or your favorite vacuum if you prefer–and clean up any dirt, dust and debris that may be on the floor. If your tile floor is particularly greasy, then you might also have to pre-treat it. You can pre-treat it by covering it with some soda bicarbonate and vinegar. This mixture will break down the grease compounds and make the floor easier to clean. Just be sure that you leave it on the floor for at least 30 minutes. Once you’ve done that, you can then move any furniture that might be in the way and prepare your best steam mop for cleaning.

Do The Tiles First

The best way to clean your tile floor is to do it a small section at a time. Mark off a section about 3 square feet of tile in your mind and concentrate on that area. Once that has been cleaned, then move onto the next section. Do an initial pass over the floor with the steam mop set to high steam, and then go back and linger on any heavily stained areas for about 15 seconds. Once you have done all of the tile, you can then concentrate on the grout between the tiles.

Next, Do The Grout

Like I said earlier, cleaning tiles is a pretty easy process when you are using a steam mop. Grout, on the other hand, can be a downright pain. Non-stop foot traffic, spills and dust can really make your grout look terrible. The majority of grout that is used on bathroom and kitchen floors is a lighter color and it will definitely become discolored if it isn’t given attention on a regular basis.

For this part of the job, you are going to have to use the detachable hand unit of your steam mop. This will allow you to deliver a concentrated blast of steam to the floor. As before, do one section of the grout and a time—and when that is done—move on to the next section. Before long, you will notice that you steam mop will have removed all of the dirt and grime that has been stuck between your tiles. Leaving nothing but a tile floor that looks as good as new.

What Not To Do With Your Steam Mop

What Not To Do With Your Steam Mop

Steam mops seem like the easiest things in the world to use. You add water, you push them around the floor and the next thing you know your floor is sanitized clean. It seems like there is no way that a person could use them incorrectly. However, that isn’t exactly the truth. There are a number of ways to incorrectly use this amazing device. Ways that might not only damage the steam mop but also may damage the surface you are trying to clean. Which is why I wrote this guide. Today, we are going to learn about some of the things that you shouldn’t clean with your steam mop.

Unsealed Wood Floors

I know that some steam mop reviews make it sound like any floor in the world can be cleaned with a steam mop, but that is simply not the case. There are simply some surfaces that shouldn’t be cleaned with these mops, and that includes unsealed wood floors.

Yeah, I know that if you look on the Internet, then you will find example after example of people who’ve spent years steam mopping their hardwood floors without any ill effects. But usually these anecdotal statements don’t tell you what kind of hardwood floor the steam mop was used upon. Not all hardwood floors are the same, so you shouldn’t think that just because some people have done it that you can too. It’s usually fine to steam mop sealed wood floors, but you should never steam mop unsealed ones because that can cause the wood to warp. So be sure to do your research and if you’re still adamant about steam mopping your floor, then be sure to at least do a small sample area first.

Delicate Fabrics

Some of the best steam mops in the world can handle a variety of different fabrics, which usually includes drapes and furniture coverings. However, that doesn’t mean that all fabrics can be cleaned with this device. Be sure to avoid steam mopping delicate fabrics such as vintage linen, lace or leather.

Waxed Floors

If you have just waxed your floor and have noticed that there is some dirt on it, then do yourself a favor and not try to steam mop it. That’s because the steam from the mop can melt the wax on the floor, which in turn can not only ruin the floor but also ruin the steam mop. Just don’t do it.

Don’t Linger

Whenever you steam mop your floor be sure that you don’t linger on one spot for longer than 20 seconds. If you do, then you risk ruining your floor from the accumulation of heat and moisture. Besides, it doesn’t provide any benefit to leave it on one spot for that length of time. 10-15 seconds on each spot is long enough to kill the bacteria on your floor. Longer than that, then the risk definitely begins to outweigh the reward.

Using Your Steam Mop To Maintain Curtains And Garments

Using Your Steam Mop To Maintain Curtains And Garments

Many of you have gone through steam mop reviews and have recently purchased one of the amazing devices for yourself. And if you have, then you have probably used it on a variety of surfaces from your floor to your bathroom tiles, and maybe even your appliances. Which is a good thing. However, now that you’ve used it and have seen how well it cleans, then you are probably wondering what else you can clean with it. If that is the case, then you are in luck because I am going to tell you two of the things that can be cleaned with a steam mop that you haven’t even considered. Are you ready to find out what these two things are? Well, here it goes. Your steam mop is perfect for cleaning garments and curtains. It does a marvelous job on these two items.

Below are some handy tips for cleaning your curtains and garments. Tips that will not only get these two items cleaner, but will also ensure that you just aren’t using your best steam mop to clean floors.

Cleaning Curtains

The problem with curtains for most people is that they tend to get wrinkles or they get mysterious stains on them. This is not only visually distracting but it is also inconvenient because that usually means having to take them down to clean them. At least, that is what you used to have to do. Now, all you have to do is fire your steam mop and take care of the problem. And yes, you can do it while it’s still hanging.

Of course, you can only perform this task if you have a steam mop with a detachable hand-held unit. Which fortunately, most steam mops come equipped with. If your unit has one, then all you have to do is place your unit on the “dust setting” and use it to remove the wrinkles from your curtains. It will steam out the wrinkles in no time flat.

For curtain stains, use your steam mop’s hand-held cleaning brush and run it over the length of the curtain with one hand while your other hand pulls the material taught. It might take a pass or two to get it clean, but once it does you’ll be amazed at the result.

Cleaning Garments

Cleaning your garments is even easier and doesn’t require you to visit your local dry cleaner. All you do is place your garment on a flat surface, such as a clean workbench or kitchen table, and hook up your steam mop’s garment steamer. Then merely place the unit on the “dust setting” and make even passes over the garment with the brush. This will not only remove your garment’s wrinkles but will also remove any surface stains from the garment.

That is all there is to it, folks. Follow these simple directions and you’ll have the best looking curtains and the sharpest clothes in the neighborhood. All accomplished without renting any complicated devices or hiring anyone else to do it.

How Using A Steam Mop Can Save You Cash

How Using A Steam Mop Can Save You Cash

I think most people realize the practicality of using a steam mop. They know that they can clean floors better than regular mops, are easier to use and can kill most household bacteria. After all, these benefits are repeated over and over again in most steam cleaner reviews you see. However, the one thing that people don’t realize is that these mops are not only practical but are also economical. I am going to show you today that using a steam mop over the course of a year is going to save you a ton of cash. Here are some of the ways your steam mop is going to help your budget:

Bid Farewell To Car Detailing

Taking your car in to have it detailed can cost a load of cash. Especially if this is something that you have done on a regular basis. That doesn’t have to be the case, however. You can use your steam mop to clean your car’s interior from top to bottom. You can clean the carpets, the dash, the upholstery and even the car windows. All you need is your trusty steam mop and a little bit of time. If you want a real professional look, then you can also buy some of the car detailing accessories that are often offered with steam mops. Some of these include a detail brush and a squeegee.

Do A Professional Carpet Cleaning

Having a professional carpet cleaner come in and clean your carpets can get expensive pretty quickly. And renting one of the steam cleaner machines from the super market is not cheap either. However, you really don’t have to use any of these options because your steam mop is more than capable of handling the job. All you have to do is use an accessory called a carpet glider with your steam mop and you are good to go. Most of the best steam mops on the market either have this accessory or allow you to purchase it separately.

Clean Your Furniture

Having a professional upholsterer come in and clean your furniture isn’t very cost effective, and throwing out your furniture when it gets dirty is just a waste. So what is a person supposed to do? Quite simply, they can use their steam mop to clean their furniture’s upholstery.  And the best part about it is you can use the accessories that already come with your steam mop. For instance, a carpet glider works pretty good at lifting stains and dirt from upholstery.

Reduce Your Household Chemicals

How many floor and carpet cleaners do you buy over the course of a year? If you are like most people, then you probably spend a pretty penny on it. That doesn’t have to be the case however. Your steam mop will clean just about any surface you can clean and it will do it without using any chemicals at all. All it needs is a little bit of water to produce the steam.